3 Nebraska Cornhuskers to blame for another blown lead in Week 1

Nebraska couldn't get out of their own way against Minnesota.
Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Jeff Sims
Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Jeff Sims / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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Nebraska Cornhuskers to blame for blown lead: No. 1 QB Jeff Sims

It's very simple: You will not win many games when your quarterback throws three interceptions.

Jeff Sims did good things with his legs in this game, but his turnovers were extraordinarily costly for the Cornhuskers.

He got away with the first one when Minnesota missed a field goal on the ensuing drive. The second one was painful to watch as Sims tossed an easy end zone interception straight at a Minnesota defender.

The Golden Gophers have an excellent defense as it is. The quarterback can't be gifting them stops like that.

But the final interception was the most devastating of the bunch. Nebraska had just given up a heartbreaking game-tying touchdown on fourth down because of an S-tier catch. There was still plenty of time to drive down the field and set up a game-winning field goal. And it looked like Sims could do just that after moving his team across the 50. Then, on second-and-six, Sims stared down his receiver and telegraphed an interception.

Sims' mistakes cost Nebraska the game more than any other individual. If he's the guy to lead the Cornhuskers this season, he has to clean that up.

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