3 nightmare scenarios that could ruin Lakers season

The Los Angeles Lakers come into this season with high hopes after making the Western Conference finals. Still, nightmare scenarios exist for this team.

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers
New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Lakers go into this season after making the Western Conference finals last season. LeBron James and Anthony Davis helped lead a group that was completely reshaped at the trade deadline. While the team is expected to compete for a trip to the NBA Finals this season, there are a lot of ways that this season could go wrong for the Lakers.

If the Lakers face injury to their two stars for an extended time, and make one or two trades at the deadline, this is a team that could be limited in what they can achieve this season. While some of these things are controllable, some of them are not.

Here's how it could all go wrong...

3. Gabe Vincent isn't able to be a quality rotational point guard in the playoffs

When the Lakers signed Gabe Vincent in the offseason, it was with the expectation that the team would be able to count on him in the playoffs. Yes, a regression from his hot streak playoff run with the Heat is expected but the Lakers are going to be counting on him in big moments.

Vincent is a very solid guard in this league but he has struggled on the defensive end at times during his career. He could heavily regress on the offensive end which would make him very unplayable in the playoffs against the top teams in the Western Conference. Part of the reason that the Lakers were eliminated by the Nuggets last season was due to the fact that they just ran out of players who could play good minutes in the playoffs.

If Vincent isn't able to be a viable option for the Lakers in the playoffs this season, it could be a thing that ends up taking them out of the playoffs before the team even makes the Western Conference Finals.