3 overreactions Steelers fans have to get out of their system after awful playoff loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered another heartbreaking playoff loss, with their last playoff victory coming in 2016.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have suffered yet another heart-breaking end to their season. Since their last playoff win, the Steelers have seen the end of the "Killer B's" era, the debut (and 96.5 career sacks) for TJ Watt and the rise and fall from grace of Juju Smith-Shuster.

It's been nearly 10 years since the last time the Mike Tomlin-led Steelers team tasted victory in the postseason. And Steelers fans, understandably so, are up in arms about this continued lack of success in the postseason. While being up in arms about it, the fan base has begun overreacting a bit.

Overreaction: "The Steelers should fire Mike Tomlin!"

This reaction happens year in and year out in the Pittsburgh media. The seasons typically go the same way recently. Tomlin is handed a tough situation with a quarterback who doesn't have the ability to put a team in the playoffs. Tomlin still finds a way to help lead these teams to winning seasons, including 17 consecutive non-losing seasons to begin his coaching career.

It's an incredible feat in itself that Tomlin has been able to do this, but the fact that he has been able to put together these seasons under the circumstances that he has is even better. Tomlin has seen significant injuries to his best players while also being forced to use a combination of Devlin Hodges, Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett as starting quarterbacks.

If the Steelers would opt to fire Mike Tomlin, he would be signed for a big deal in no time. There are tons of teams in the NFL that would love to have Tomlin leading their team. Aside from that, Tomlin is much more decorated, experienced and favorable than any free-agent coach that Pittsburgh could add (aside from the great Bill Belichick)

Multiple Steelers, including some of their biggest leaders like TJ Watt and Cam Heyward have spoken up, saying they wouldn't play for any coach besides Tomlin. The players have a much better feel for the coaching staff than the fan base does.