3 Packers to blame for horrific loss to Lions on Thursday Night Football

The Green Bay Packers were utterly embarrassed at home against the Detroit Lions as offense, defense and special teams came together to lose as a team.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love / Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis / USA
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Packers to blame for loss to Lions: No. 1 DC Joe Barry

The Lions had 284 yards and 27 points in the first half. Regardless of what was going on on the other side of the ball, the defense put the Packers in a hole they were always going to struggle to get out of.

Just as the Green Bay offensive line was outplayed, the defensive line also lost the battle in the trenches. Per Next Gen Stats, 121 of the Lions' 211 rushing yards came before contact. That's an astounding figure. It's hard to imagine any team winning a game while allowing the opposing offense to do that to them.

So who is to blame? It's got to be defensive coordinator Joe Barry. After all, the 11 men on the field are trying to execute the game plan of their DC and clearly that gameplan was lacking.

That's not to say the Packers defenders are off the hook the way many of them were beaten as individuals, but Barry invited the Lions to run down his defense's throat and got burned. He played his corners off and got burned. He was outcoached at every turn.

You cannot give up 401 yards in the NFL and expect to win the game. You cannot give up 34 points in the NFL and expecct to win the game. And you can't expect to keep your job for too long with performances like that.

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