3 Patriots with the most to prove in Week 1 matchup with the Eagles

The Patriots week 1 matchup is against the defending NFC champs. Here are three players with the most pressure to perform.

3 Patriots with the most to prove in Week 1 matchup with the Eagles
3 Patriots with the most to prove in Week 1 matchup with the Eagles / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Patriots who need to step up in Week 1: 2. Bill O'Brien, Offensive Coordinator

Matt Patricia was still flying towards the door that the team punted him towards when the red carpet was rolled out for their former offensive coordinator. O'Brien was being called a savior by people remembering his play calling from the 2011 season. His high-scoring offense at Alabama had people forgetting all about his tenure as a head coach for the Houston Texans. He was not Mac Jones' offensive coordinator in Tuscaloosa, despite what some ill-educated fans think. 

O'Brien has been somewhat of a quarterback guru, with his signal callers having success no matter where he was coaching. College and professional quarterbacks alike have had great success under Billy O. That said, the Patriots' 2023 preseason was not an auspicious beginning to his return. In three games, the Patriots averaged just 12 points and 162 yards of offense per game. 

It was just the preseason, and I don't want to give it any more weight than it deserves, but that doesn't mean it deserves no weight at all. The anemic offense and dreadful play of its quarterback are both supposed to be rectified by O'Brien, the offensive genius. It would be naive to think that there is no pressure on him in his first season calling the plays.

If the team does not make a serious playoff run, and the quarterback does not make serious improvements over last year, then Bill O'Brien will likely be carrying Mac Jones bags as they both leave Foxborough. In week 1 against the Eagles, he needs his offense to be exciting, but more importantly effective against a fast and athletic Philadelphia front seven.