3 Phillies playing their final postseason in Philadelphia

The Phillies hope to play at least 10 more games this postseason. They may be the final games these players suit up representing Philly in the postseason.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Two / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Michael Lorenzen

Michael Lorenzen's 2023 came seemingly out of nowhere. In his ninth season, Lorenzen hadn't become a ubiquitous name among casual MLB fans, but dazzled with the Detroit Tigers this year and quickly became a piece discussed in trades as the deadline came close while Detroit faded from the competition early.

Lorenzen was acquired by the Phillies and on the whole, pitched worse than he did in Detroit, but notched a no-hitter, the highlight of his very good season. After that, though, he had two games with six earned runs and three with four.

Philly used him out of the bullpen in the two Wild Card games which may signal they believe he's not one of their starters moving forward. While the playoffs are much more strategic and situational, other teams will give him a clearer path to full-time starting.

Lorenzen is a one-year rental in Philly, and while they'd like to bring him back, this year has given his free agency case plenty of marketing to work with. He'll command a pretty penny in free agency that Philly simply may not be able to match.

Unless they have an idea in mind for Lorenzen like turning him into Shohei Ohtani-lite, they'll likely let him walk.

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