3 players the Trail Blazers could trade next besides Jrue Holiday

In the aftermath of the Damian Lillard trade, the Trail Blazers have several other veterans they could move to speed up their rebuild.

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After holding the line through the summer, the Portland Trail Blazers finally traded Damian Lillard in a three-team deal to the Bucks. At the beginning of the offseason, Portland made moves with the idea that Lillard was going to be on the roster long-term.

Clearly, the All-NBA player is not on the team anymore and the team needs to adjust their plans going forward. They have already said they will shop Jrue Holiday, who came back in the Lillard trade but they may also consider moving these other three players who have been on the roster for a while.

Trail Blazers that could be traded: 3. Anfernee Simons

Because the roster is now built around Scoot Henderson and young players, it might be time to get rid of Anfernee Simons. He is a very solid player and still just 24 years old. But he is also on a deal averaging around $24 million per year for the next three years and he mostly only thrives when he has the ball in his hand. With Henderson on the roster, it's hard to see Simons getting the majority of the ball-handling duties.

Simons' contract may make him difficult to move but the same could be said of the other two players on this list. Still, there should be more than a few suitors for a 24-year-old guard who averaged 21.1 points per game last season and is a 38.7 percent 3-point shooter for his career.

Right now, there is no specific buzz about who might be interested in Simons and the Blazers could end up keeping him. But he'll draw plenty of interest, especially as we get closer to the trade deadline.