3 possible closing lineup ideas for Warriors next season

Following the Golden State Warriors' productive offseason, here's a preview of what other teams can expect to go up against in clutch situations.
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Take away Jordan Poole and Donte DiVincenzo and replace them with Chris Paul and Dario Saric and you've got the new-look Warriors. It's clear the Warriors have made several moves to improve their roster before heading into the 2023-24 season. But, how and where will these new acquisitions fit?

Closing lineup ideas for Warriors: 3. Stephen Curry - Klay Thompson - Andrew Wiggins - Draymond Green - Kevon Looney

If it aint broke, don't fix it. This isn't a new look for the Warriors, but it is an effective one. Whether regular season or postseason, Curry, Green, Wiggins, Draymond, and Looney made arguably the best starting five in the NBA last year. The five shared the floor 27 times during the regular season, averaging an offensive rating of 128.0 and a true shooting percentage of 67.

In the playoffs, when Poole started against Sacramento, the Warriors produced a 9.2 net rating with 113.1 points on offense and 103.8 points on defense. Comparatively, when Poole sat and Green started, the Warriors produced a 17.9 net rating, with a 116.8 offensive rating and 98.9 defensive rating. With Jordan Poole removed, Klay should also have an easier time stepping back into the role of the team's second leading scorer. 

Kerr knows what he can get with this five. He's called on them before. Odds are he calls on them again.