3 post trade deadline buyout targets for the Warriors to monitor

The Golden State Warriors will surely be keeping a close eye on the buyout market.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors
Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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2. P.J. Tucker, Los Angeles Clippers

P.J. Tucker wants a trade from the Los Angeles Clippers. He's not part of the rotation and he still believes he can help a team win (debatable). Of course, if the Clippers can't find a trade partner, a buyout becomes at least feasible. Tucker is due $11.5 million next season, which is a complicating factor. Los Angeles won't want to pay out the remainder of his deal, so it comes down to how badly Tucker desires a change of scenery.

If he does get bought out, the Warriors can come knocking. Tucker is coasting on reputation at this point. He's a corner shooting specialist who can't shoot. The Philadelphia 76ers suffered through far too many games of complete offensive impotence from Tucker before the James Harden trade. He can still get after it on defense, but at 38 years old, even that aspect of Tucker's game is starting to wane.

Golden State is the perfect setup, at least in theory. Tucker can plug into small-ball lineups as a switchable defender. He can still guard one through five a lot of nights. Last season in Philadelphia, he still took on every assignment, from Nikola Jokic, to Jayson Tatum, to Donovan Mitchell. The only problem is the offense. Tucker shot 39.3 percent from 3-point range last season, but he averaged 1.9 attempts. The volume is infinitesimal, especially when he ventures out of the corner. Inside the arc, Tucker is completely hapless. So far in 2023-24, he's a combined 5-of-16 on 3s (31.3 percent).

The advantage of small-ball is diminished when your 6-foot-5 center can't really do much on offense. Tucker won't space the floor. He's not going to beat closeouts or provide value as a passer. The defense is useful in spurts, but he's a situational bench piece at this point. The Warriors should at least pick up the phone if he's available, but temper expectations.