3 post trade deadline buyout targets for the Warriors to monitor

The Golden State Warriors will surely be keeping a close eye on the buyout market.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors
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1. Devonte' Graham, San Antonio Spurs

Devonte' Graham falls just below the financial cutoff at $12.1 million in expiring money. The San Antonio Spurs are 10-40 with sights set on back-to-back No. 1 picks. Graham has been lightly involved in San Antonio's game plan, with only 10 appearances so far this season. He's averaging 3.5 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 1.9 assists on .393/.350/.750 splits in 8.8 minutes.

The Spurs desperately need point guard help, too, which shows how much they (don't) value Graham. The 28-year-old still has something to offer at the NBA level, though, and he's probably one of the better realistic buyout targets for Golden State. The Warriors aren't in need of point guard help, but another plus shooter and advanced decision-maker can't hurt.

Height is the big knock on Graham. There's limited utility for 6-foot-1 guards in today's NBA, especially on a team as small as Golden State. Graham is an easy target on defense and he's going to get phased out of the lineup in the playoffs. That is a reality the Warriors need to accept — most of the buyout market consists of situational, regular season stopgaps.

That said, Graham can operate with or without the basketball. He's a dynamic shooter with deep range and he generally keeps mistakes to a minimum (he averaged 4.2 assists to 1.4 turnovers in his last season as a full-time starter). Sharp processors with movement shooting ability is what the Warriors' offense demands. Graham has a real shot to sneak into backcourt minutes behind Curry, Chris Paul, and rookie Brandin Podziemski.

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