3 reasons Braves can win the World Series, 1 reason they won’t

The Atlanta Braves are statistical favorites to win the World Series in October. Here are the main reasons why they'll win it, and one reason that could hold them back.

Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves
Cincinnati Reds v Atlanta Braves / Adam Hagy/GettyImages
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Take a look at any sportsbook's World Series odds, and the Atlanta Braves are almost certain to be the favorites. Looking at statistical models, they're the favorites there, too. FanGraphs gives the Braves a whopping 28.6 percent chance of winning it all, the next-highest team is the Los Angeles Dodgers at 12.9 percent.

That doesn't mean the Braves are sure MLB season winners, though. They may have the easiest path and home field advantage, but they need to win 12 postseason games before they can get themselves another trophy for their closet.

With the regular season winding down, let's look at the three main reasons why the Braves will win it all, and one possible reason that could hold them back.

The Braves have star power

A softball reason here, but it's mighty hard to win in the postseason if you don't have one or several of the game's top players on your roster. The Braves have that in Ronald Acuna Jr, a likely MVP winner.

Not only that, but they also have Matt Olson, a 52-home-run hitter as of Thursday night, and three other players who have hit over 30 home runs this season so far. Three Braves are in the top-10 in the National League in home runs, and three are top-10 in WAR among position players.

Olson, Acuna, Riley and Albies are all stars, clear leaders of the team. They have the makings of a championship capable team.