3 reasons Immanuel Quickley should be the Knicks starting shooting guard

Immanuel Quickley's scoring ability and defensive skills make him a strong candidate for a starting role with the New York Knicks. Who would he replace in the current starting lineup?

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2. Immanuel Quickley is one of the best Knicks perimeter defenders

Quickley is all over on the defensive side of the ball. He's constantly hustling on the perimeter. The Kentucky alumni do a great job on pick-and-roll switches, along with getting in the paint after shots to tip rebounds to his teammates.

The Knicks are built on defense. Replacing Grimes with DiVincenzo could be the solution, but Quickley is a better defender. He also offers more production on the offensive side than both as well.

Over the offseason, the Knicks and Quickley failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension. His ability to put the ball in the basket is unquestioned, but his defensive game is continuing to improve. If he continues to put in the work on the defensive side, Quickley will continue to earn the trust of his head coach and might force his way into the starting lineup.