3 reasons the NY Giants should sit Daniel Jones for the rest of the season

The NY Giants are falling fast, and Daniel Jones is not the answer. Here are three reasons the team should move on from him and try and save their abysmal 2023 campaign.

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The New York Giants have done the exact opposite of what many predicted for the team this year. After a surprising 2022 season which featured a playoff win over the Minnesota Vikings, the 2023 Giants are falling fast. The team may need to hit the reset button after falling to the cellar of the NFC East at 1-4 while facing one of the league’s most gruesome schedules.

Critics are pointing fingers in a plethora of directions such as the coaching under Brian Daboll, the offensive line, injuries, and more. Yet, the main issue is the lackluster play of quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jones inked a massive four-year, $160-million deal this past offseason and many deemed it to be a drastic overpay. The money could have easily gone to star running back Saquon Barkley or helped the Giants fill out their roster such as its thin wide receiver depth chart. Now the time has come to ask the question if the Giants messed up in paying Daniel Jones that lucrative contract?

Here are three reasons the team should bench him for the remainder of the season.

1. Daniel Jones is a turnover machine

Ever since entering the league in 2019, Jones is tied for the fourth most turnovers with a whopping 64 in just 59 career games. That crooked number amasses to an average of 1.08 turnovers per game and is incredibly high for his current contract and for a team that rushes nearly 40 percent of the time.

This season Jones has thrown for 884 yards with just two passing TDs and six interceptions. Yet the problem does not stop there as he is tied for the most fumbles in the NFL since 2019 with Josh Allen. The Duke graduate already has four this season and is well on his way to surpassing his six from last season.

With the Giants continuously trailing in games, the team cannot rely on Jones to resurrect a comeback as he will turn the ball over. The team must begin to look elsewhere in order to give themselves a fighting chance to try and win games and save its free-falling season.