3 replacements for SF Giants manager after firing Gabe Kapler

The San Francisco Giants fired Gabe Kapler after four seasons. Now the search for a new leader in the clubhouse begins.

San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler
San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler / Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports
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Buster Posey is the SF Giants' out-of-the-box option to replace Gabe Kapler

The one name out there that would get all of San Francisco talking is Buster Posey, the Giants legend who just hung up his catcher's mitt in 2021.

Posey is part of SF's ownership group, so he has a direct stake in the club beyond his playing days. While he doesn't have any managerial experience, his leadership in the clubhouse during his playing days counts for a ton. He'd be an instantly respected figure at Oracle Park.

Susan Slusser of The San Francisco Chronicle called Posey an "ideal candidate from many angles." Bringing in the fans is one of those.

The biggest issue with Posey is whether he'd be willing to take on that role. No one with any ounce of connections seems to think he'd sign up. But that shouldn't stop the Giants from trying. He did just move back to the Bay Area after all.

Other realistic SF Giants Gabe Kapler replacements

Names that have been thrown out there as options for the Giants include Will Venable, who interviewed for the job last time it was open, Rays third base coach Rodney Linares, Astros bench coach Joe Espada, long-time Giants coach Ron Wotus and Rangers bench coach Donnie Ecker.

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