3 big-name Ryan Grubb replacements Alabama can add on the fly

Ryan Grubb did not even coach a down of football during his ultra-brief run over at Alabama.

Ryan Grubb, Washington Huskies
Ryan Grubb, Washington Huskies / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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1. Nick Sheridan is the obvious candidate to be promoted from within

Without question, the most logical thing for Kalen DeBoer to do right now is to promote tight ends coach Nick Sheridan from within to be the offensive coordinator, and one who coaches quarterbacks. Sheridan replaced DeBoer as the play-caller on Tom Allen's staff at Indiana in 2020. The Hoosiers have an extraordinary season that year during Michael Penix Jr.'s breakout season as a college star.

After being let go by IU after the 2021 season, Sheridan needed to wait three weeks to find a job. He would come on DeBoer's intial Washington staff as the tight ends coach, a role he has taken since moving over to Alabama. Given that he is a former Michigan quarterback himself, as well as a former play-caller, this promotion would not be something Sheridan would be completely unaccustomed to.

To me, while I think both Sheridan and Shepard should get promotions of sorts to help provide some level of stability to an increasingly chaotic Alabama program, Sheridan has to be the guy if DeBoer cannot poach Kirby Moore away from Missouri. While I would be okay with Shepard being the offensive coordinator in name, I would much rather have DeBoer calling the plays in that instance.

The most logical thing DeBoer can do right now is to promote Sheridan from within to replace Grubb.

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