3 Sam Pittman replacements Arkansas football should have on speed dial

After a disaster class of a performance vs. Auburn, it may be the end of the line for Sam Pittman at Arkansas. Who could the Razorbacks look at replacing the Pit Master with long-term for next year?

Sam Pittman, Arkansas Razorbacks
Sam Pittman, Arkansas Razorbacks / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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2. Jonathan Smith could leave his dam good alma mater for the right price

Although his alma mater is not going to make the College Football Playoff this season, Jonathan Smith's alma mater is Oregon State University. Once the playoff format expands from four to 12 teams next year, then the Oregon State Beavers stand a really great chance of getting in, no matter what conference they play in or not. However, you have to wonder if Smith could leave Corvallis now.

Smith leads arguably the best team in the country that is pretty much mathematically eliminated from the playoff. Oregon State may have two losses, but the Beavers are dam good. It would not shock me if Oregon State were to either upset Washington at home on Saturday or in Eugene for some Strife Aquatic, possibly doused in Liquid Sunshine in Autzen. Of course, they could lose both and fall to 8-4.

To me, it is all about financial resources. Oregon State along with fellow Pacific Northwest Step Brother Washington State have been left for dead with the Pac-12 dissolving next season. While the university could keep this great program afloat with its good, but not great financial resources, that may not happen if Oregon State goes down a level. Smith is a great coach, but needs more ammo.

Do not be shocked if Smith were to leave his alma mater for a higher-end Power Five job by 2025.