3 Seattle Seahawks to blame for deflating loss to Cincinnati Bengals

There is so much blame to go around when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks' loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Who has the finger pointed at them the most from this Week 6 defeat?

Geno Smith, Mike Hilton, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals
Geno Smith, Mike Hilton, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2. Shane Waldron got a lot of yards, but not many points for his offense

Last year was a fantastic one for the entire Seahawks offense, due in large part to the brilliant play-calling of its coordinator Shane Waldron. If the Seahawks are once again a playoff-caliber team, one would think he would be in serious consideration to get his own team. He might be a candidate to promote from within should Pete Carroll finally call it a career at some point in his very youthful 70s.

Again, great job getting seven points on their first offensive series of the game. But everything after that for the Seahawks was concerning to say the least. Turnovers, sacks and penalties flipped the game in the Bengals' favor in the second half, but the listless offense in the final three frames is what sealed the Seahawks' fate in this one. A C- effort out of the Seattle offense would have won the game.

Ultimately, you have to wonder what becomes of the Seahawks offense vs. some of the better teams it goes up against the rest of the way. I think against good, but not great teams they should be alright. However, Cincinnati had been struggling to find its footing and Lou Anarumo took Waldron to church. Anarumo should be an NFL head coach by now, but we have to wonder if Waldron will ever be one.

Carroll may get some blame, but again, offense is not his side of the ball. That would be Waldron's...