3 St. Louis Cardinals who won't be back if they extend Paul Goldschmidt

The St. Louis Cardinals extending Paul Goldschmidt makes sense on paper, but it could also cost the organization more than just money.

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Could the Cardinals trade Tommy Edman after Paul Goldschmidt extension?

Tommy Edman won't be a free agent until 2026, but if the Cardinals were to trade him now, they'd max out his value. Edman is a super-utility man of sorts. He can play second base, shortstop and more. However, St. Louis just signed Brandon Crawford and have already pencilled in Masyn Winn as their starting shortstop. Edman's value, while immense overall, is a moot point on the infield.

Edman avoided arbitration this offseason with a new two-year deal, so he's likely safe for now. He's slashed .265/.319/.408 over the course of his Cardinals career. While Edman underwent wrist surgery last October, his rehab was completed prior to spring training.

If St. Louis signs Goldschmidt to an extension, a player like Edman who hits with average and can play multiple middle infield position will fetch a decent price on the free-agent market. With the Cardinals ownership cutting around the margins, a player like Edman could unfortunately be the victim of a roster crunch.