3 Steelers most to blame for deflating Week 1 loss to 49ers

The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to show up for Week 1, suffering a beatdown as punishment for their unpreparedness.
San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49ers v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Kenny Pickett made rookie-level mistakes

Kenny Pickett, everyone's favorite high floor, low ceiling quarterback, didn't do favors for anyone coming to his defense about his potential being higher than we think.

After seven touchdowns and nine interceptions last year, Pickett didn't look much less mediocre in Week 1 this year with one touchdown and two interceptions on the afternoon.

If there's an upside to be had here, it's that both of Pickett's interceptions were in part due to his desire to make big plays on an afternoon where the Steelers offense truly lacked them. One was where he was looking to thread a needle in the fourth quarter with little left to play for. The one earlier in the game was a weak pass that resulted in his receiver backtracking and falling, and the defender being better positioned to make a play on the ball.

Both are indicators Pickett still has plenty of room to grow. An optimistic view would suggest that he's doing his part to reach up and grab that growth, but he may just simply not be ready.

Pickett is still young, so plenty of time to turn this around, but Week 1 is on him, in part.