3 trades Cowboys can make immediately after Stephen Jones comments

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Dallas is "open for business" with the NFL trade deadline coming up. They can pursue deals to prove it.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins
Tennessee Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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In his early NFL trade deadline preview, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN made a statement no Cowboys fan wanted to hear: "The Cowboys are not expected to be major movers at the deadline, barring surprise. They are content with the roster as currently constructed."

As currently constructed, the Dallas Cowboys couldn't get within 32 points of a 49ers team that just lost back-to-back games to the Browns and Vikings.

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones wasn't exactly talking aggressively about the deadline on Friday.

"Anybody who knows us knows we’re always open for business," Jones said, per Jon Machota of The Athletic. "We’ve been in here 30 years. It’s just having something that makes sense.

“For a player to come in and help this team right now, it’s more than likely, unfortunately, it’s gonna probably be somebody who is an established guy and he’s usually well paid and they probably want a lot for him. That makes it a challenge."

Jones used Brandin Cooks as an example. The Cowboys tried to bring him in last season but couldn't get the agreement done. They settled with adding him as a free agent this March.

But Cooks is also a good example of why, if Dallas is truly open for business, they should make the moves that will bring them a Super Bowl while they still can. The Cowboys could have used Cooks in January when their offense fell short against the 49ers in the playoffs. They didn't have him.

So what trades out there should the Cowboys target, even if it's hard?

3. Titans WR DeAndre Hopkins

Speaking of moves the Cowboys didn't make, failing to add DeAndre Hopkins this offseason is looking like a mistake. It can be rectified by trading with the Titans.

Dallas' receiving corps is still far to reliant on CeeDee Lamb to carry the load alone. It's too easy for opposing defenses to key on him with little to worry about across the rest of the lineup.

Hopkins has more receiving yards than Michael Gallup and Cooks combined in a more limited passing offense in Tennessee. He would have been a strong addition to the receiving corps, even at 31 years old.