3 unforgivable mistakes Chaim Bloom made with the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox parted ways with Chaim Bloom after a series of miscalculations, including these three costly mistakes that left Boston reeling.
Boston Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom
Boston Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 2 Chaim Bloom mistake with the Red Sox: Letting Xander Bogaerts leave in free agency

The 2023 trade deadline wasn't anything new for Chaim Bloom. He made similar mistakes in 2022, the most costly of which involved Xander Bogaerts. The Red Sox probably should have just embraced a sellers mentality but they half-heartedly called themselves buyers by picking up a few players who did little to prevent a fifth-place finish.

Meanwhile, Bogaerts sped towards free agency with the Red Sox making laughable attempts to re-sign him while prioritizing a Rafael Devers extension. Bogaerts, who had signaled all along he wanted to stay in Boston, ended up leaving for the Padres.

Yes, locking in Devers to a long-term deal was a win for Bloom but the third baseman can't do it alone. If signing Bogaerts wasn't a priority, the Red Sox failure to trade him at the deadline was a massive miscue.

Part of leading a front office is understanding what ownership will and won't let you do and working around it. If the money wasn't going to be there for Devers and Bogaerts, the latter needed to be traded. Bloom let him walk for nothing.

But that's still not the biggest Bloom mistake...