3 Vikings who need to be benched or fired before Week 3

The Vikings clearly want to compete this season. At 0-2, they need to make some aggressive personnel moves to do so.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles
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At 0-2, the Minnesota Vikings are not where they want to be in what could very well be the last year of the Kirk Cousins era. But they're not giving up just yet.

On Wednesday, the Vikings agreed to a trade with the Los Angeles Rams that brings Cam Akers into the fold, a needed reinforcement to the team's abysmal run game.

While that adjustment should, on its own, help get the Vikings on track, reducing these player and coaching roles on the team would also do them well after bad starts.

RG Ed Ingram

Truth be told, every member of the starting offensive line but right tackle Brian O'Neill might deserve to be on this list. Kirk Cousins has taken a league-leading 15 hits through two games, a pace that puts him on track for 127 hits this year.

Last season, Cousins took a league-leading 84 quarterback hits.

Protect the man, guys!

While the committee needs to be reprimanded, Ed Ingram might be the candidate most ready for a spot on the bench. He's given up a sack and also taken a penalty, the only player on the line to have at least one negative mark in both categories.

Blake Brandle is a tackle fans have been clamoring to see more of for some time, and at this point, it won't hurt to try to sub him in for Ingram. Brandle has yet to see an offensive snap.

Looking at the run game and the sheer pressure Cousins has taken in the pocket, the offensive line is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Ingram is the easiest place to start.