30 greatest female athletes of all time

It's Women's History Month and to honor the great women who have graced the sports world, we've put together a list of the greatest female athletes ever.

Caitlin Clark celebrates a big play for the Iowa Hawkeyes
Caitlin Clark celebrates a big play for the Iowa Hawkeyes / Matthew Holst/GettyImages
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12. Diana Taurasi

Seeing Diana Taurasi’s career has been a ton of fun. After a stellar career at UConn, she was drafted first overall in 2004. The fans voted Taurasi the greatest player in the WNBA history. She was the first player in the league to score 10,000 points. 

Taurasi isn’t just empty points; she wins everywhere. She has an Olympic gold medal, an NCAA Championship, a FIBA World Cup, and a WNBA Championship, one of 11 women who have the level of winning. Her dominance started in high school when she won the National High School Player of the Year. While in college, she won three consecutive NCAA National Championships. As we said, this is a winner. 

That didn’t stop when she joined the professional leagues. Yes, we said leagues. In the WNBA, Taurasi won the championship for the Phoenix Mercury three times, winning the Finals MVP twice. She won the Russian National Championship seven times, the EuroCup Championship six times, and the Turkish Championship once. She was on a world tour for her career, as female players need to make their money in leagues across the world. 

Taurasi is a 10-time All-Star, a WNBA MVP, a five-time scoring champion, and a six-time WNBA Peak Performer. She’s adjusted her game as her career progressed, becoming the WNBA assist leader in 2014. That shows she can do just about everything. She’s still doing everything to this day, going down as one of the best basketball players ever.