4 Brandon Staley replacements the Chargers should already be calling

The Chargers should be sick of losing under Brandon Staley. Here are four replacements who should be on their radar.

Ben Johnson, Detroit Lions
Ben Johnson, Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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2. Kellen Moore (Chargers Offensive Coordinator)

If the Chargers don't want to rock the boat but want to get rid of Staley, promoting Kellen Moore feels like the obvious answer.

The former Cowboys offensive coordinator drew up some impressive plays in Week 10 to go toe-to-toe against Ben Johnson's rapid-firing Lions. Moore has helped Justin Herbert thrive this season despite injuries to key players (Ekeler, Williams) and despite Herbert picking up a knock or two along the way.

Moore has his faults, and the Chargers' offense isn't perfect. L.A. tends to perform worse in the second half of games (the Chargers are ranked 26th in second-half offense), which could stem from a combination of mentality and coaching issues.

Still, Moore has the added advantage of having worked first-hand with Herbert and the offense for one full season. He's gained the team's trust and should have no problem taking the reins in a potential head coach position.