4 Chicago Cubs who won't be back in 2025 after Cody Bellinger contract

The Chicago Cubs re-signed Cody Bellinger to a three-year contract this past weekend, but how will this decision impact Jed Hoyer and Co. moving forward?

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3. Kyle Hendricks is entering his final season with the Cubs

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks is likely entering his final season with the team. Bellinger's signing didn't directly impact Hendricks future, though it does give the Cubs less money to play with when examining whether they want to make 'The Professor' an offer next winter.

If Hendricks pitches well this year, they may not be able to afford him. The price of capable starting pitching went up this past offseason. Hendricks is grateful for his time in Chicago, and admitted that he hadn't been approached about a contract extension of late.

“I have so much respect and trust in the whole organization from top to bottom,” Hendricks said, perThe Athletic. “I can’t thank all of them enough for bringing me back and giving me an opportunity to play for the Cubs. There’s obviously nowhere I’d rather be. It’s the most special place in the world.”

If the Cubs are going to ascend to a team capable of winning the World Series, rather than just the mediocre NL Central, they will need more frontline starting pitching. Justin Steele is not enough on his own. Hendricks could be shown the door less than a year from now.