4 easy Houston Astros backup plans after Blake Snell offer falls through

The Houston Astros were the odd team out for Blake Snell. Where should they turn next?

San Diego Padres v Houston Astros
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The Astros should sign Michael Lorenzen

The easiest and best response to the Astros pitching problem is to not overreact. Dana Brown has been at this for awhile and built World Series teams on the fly, why would he add Snell or Montgomery at their asking price when he doesn't need an ace-level starter right now?

Michael Lorenzen threw for scouts early this week in similar fashion to Snell prior to his signing. Lorenzen made the AL All-Star team for the Detroit Tigers in 2023 before he was flipped to the Philadelphia Phillies at the trade deadline.

With the Phillies, Lorenzen through a no-hitter before the bottom fell out on his season, perhaps hinting that an innings limit should have been imposed, or the veteran right-hander needed more rest between starts. Lorenzen never recovered.

Nonetheless, Lorenzen is a capable mid-rotation starting pitcher and is far more affordable than Snell or Montgomery. Jim Crane will be happy to hear that.