4 Milwaukee Brewers who won't be back after NL Wild Card series defeat

The Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 2 of the NL Wild Card series, thus ending their season. Next year's team could look a lot different.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers
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Milwaukee Brewers who won't be back: Corbin Burnes

Milwaukee's arbitration battle with Corbin Burnes could come back to haunt them this offseason. While Burnes still has one year left on his contract, there's no guarantee he wants to spend it with the Brewers, despite their winning ways. Burnes has been connected to teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers in the past, and it just so happens they need pitching. If Arnold is certain that Burnes won't sign long-term with the Brewers, expect him to be shopped at the winter meetings.

This past February, Burnes hinted that the Brewers may have shot themselves in the foot with their arbitration case:

“There’s no denying that the relationship was definitely hurt from what (transpired) over the last couple weeks. There’s really no way to get around that,” Burnes said. “When some of the things that are said … they basically put me in the forefront of the reason why we didn’t make the postseason last year. That’s something that probably didn’t need to be said.”

As FanSided's Robert Murray wrote at the time, the long-term impact of fighting with Burnes over less than $1 million. could be catastrophic.

"For now, Burnes intends to move forward and put the ruling behind him. The Brewers have, too, issuing a statement on what the right-hander means to the organization. But the potential long-term ramifications of damaging their relationship was not worth saving less than $750,000."

If Milwaukee can start over and fetch some decent prospect capital for Burnes prior to him reaching free agency, it's worth a listen.