4 NCAAWB March Madness sleepers already looking like spoilers

March Madness is less than a month away and the typical juggernauts may not be at the forefront at the end of the tournament. There are quite a few sleepers already looking like spoilers.

Houston v Kansas State
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1. No. 7 USC Trojans

Placing USC at the top of the sleepers list may confuse some but when you have JuJu Watkins on your roster, anything is possible. She is having a monster freshman campaign but the reality is her team has provided a nurturing environment around her.

USC recently went on a seven-game winning streak until they lost to Utah. Despite the Trojan's loss, they can score with any team in the nation but oftentimes implode on the defensive side of the ball.

At this moment, the team is shooting a blazing 37 percent from three while averaging 74.5 points, 36.7 rebounds, 15.1 assists, and 8.1 steals per game. This season's team is well-balanced in every aspect of the game.

USC X-Factor

Rayah Marshall (9.8), Watkins (7), and Kaitlyn Davis (5.2) are leading the team in rebounding. Even with Watkins leading the team in scoring, she still impacts the game in a multitude of ways.

Watkins is also leading the team in assists (3.4) and steals (2.6). Her team defers to her but her selfless demeanor allows everyone to feed off of her and play in unity.

JW broke USC legend Cheryl Miller's record of most 30-point games as a freshman when she dropped 42 against Colorado (11). Watkins can keep USC in any game and could virtually take over at any time.

In the rare occurrence that she has an awful game come tournament time, her teammates McKenzie Forbes, Kayla Padilla, and Marshall can chip in.

Watkins is a generational talent that can impact the game in other ways besides scoring.