4 Packers who won’t be back after huge Xavier McKinney, Josh Jacobs deals

  • The Packers signed Josh Jacobs and Xavier McKinney for a combined $29M in AAV
  • David Bakhtiari and Aaron Jones have already been let go
  • Which other Packers won't return to Green Bay after these deals?

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1. AJ Dillon, RB

When you get down to it, it was always likely that AJ Dillon was going to be gone from the Packers after the 2023 season. Fans watched the running back's efficiency decline a bit last season and, whether they retained Aaron Jones or not, he was always likely to get paid decently on the open market, something Green Bay would ultimately not deem worth matching. And on top of that, Dillon is surely looking for a chance at a bigger role.

Signing Josh Jacobs, however, makes it all but a formality that Dillon is gone. Releasing Jones and ultimately bringing in an unfamiliar, albeit extremely talented, player to the running back room represents the front office's and the coaching staff's desire to reshape that position group in different ways.

Beyond that, we saw Emanuel Wilson break out in the preseason and even have some moments when he got opportunities in the regular season for the Packers offense. Dillon has put up some decent numbers over his time in Green Bay, racking up 2,186 yards and 14 touchdowns over the past three seasons, but he did so averaging only 4.0 yards per attempt and not offering an ideal amount in the passing game, especially for a change-of-pace back.

Jacobs likely represents a desire for a younger, more do-it-all type of three-down running back in Matt LaFleur's offense. Dillon doesn't fit that equation, especially with Wilson already breathing down his neck. So go ahead and say goodbye to Quadzilla -- his time roaming the Frozen Tundra has now come and gone.

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