4 quarterbacks we can't believe found a new job before Justin Fields

It's hard to believe that these four quarterbacks all found themselves new jobs before Justin Fields who remains stuck with the Chicago Bears.

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2. We can't believe Jacoby Brissett found a new job before Justin Fields

This is where things get a bit weird. The New England Patriots signed Jacoby Brissett to a one-year deal. In the past, the Patriots bringing a former Patriot back to New England wouldn't be so crazy, but that was when Bill Belichick, a coach who always got the most out of his guys, was there. Belichick is gone, yet Brissett found his way back to New England where he began his career.

Brissett was a backup in New England before being traded to and starting for the Colts for one season. He was benched behind Andrew Luck the following season, but took the starting job back after Luck retired. That was all fun, only until Brissett found himself benched again, this time for Phillip Rivers.

The 31-year-old would start games for the Dolphins and Browns in 2021 and 2022, but didn't do much with those opportunities, so he had to settle for a backup spot with the Commanders last season. Now, Brissett enters an empty quarterback room with the chance to start for New England despite completing just 61.3% of his passes in his career and going 18-30 as a starter.

New England does have Bailey Zappe under contract who he'll presumably compete with and have the No. 3 pick in the upcoming draft where they can select a quarterback, but who knows if that quarterback will be ready to go on day one? The Patriots have a ton of cap space and could've taken a flier on Fields, but opted to go with the journeyman instead.