4 more Steelers not named Mike Tomlin who won't be back in 2024

The Steelers are keeping Mike Tomlin around for another season. Which players might leave Pittsburgh behind in 2024?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers were never going to fire Mike Tomlin, especially when he finished the regular season with a 10-7 record. While Steelers fans are tired of hearing about Tomlin's winning record streak, it's impressive, and even more improbable with this squad.

As capable as Pittsburgh looked at times, the modern day NFL is a quarterback-driven league. The Steelers don't have one of those, or at least not a signal-caller they can count on. Mason Rudolph played well down the stretch, but can any pundit suggest with a straight face that he's a top-15 quarterback in the NFL right now? I think not.

The Steelers haven't won a playoff game in nearly a decade. That's a stain on Tomlin's resume, and one he'll work hard to rectify before his contract is up at the end of next season. Pittsburgh has a solid all-around roster without a quarterback. Omar Khan needs a plan.

Following the Steelers playoff loss to the Bills, FanSided's Zach Rotman suggested that the following four players won't return in 2024: Levi Wallace, Mitchell Trubisky, Mason Rudolph and Allen Robinson. I tend to agree with the vast majority of those. However, they won't be the only four walking out the door.

4. Diontae Johnson is trade bait for the Pittsburgh Steelers

I like DIontae Johnson as a No. 2 receiver, but he wants No. 1 wideout money after his contract is up. Johnson has another year left on his deal and if Khan is smart, he'll at least shop the Toledo product on the open market and try to pry draft capital away from a needy team. The wide receiver market in free agency is top-heavy, and once Mike Evans is gone, the timing could be perfect to add Johnson to the mix.

Add in that the Steelers have a capable, emerging No. 1 in George Pickens who already has a good rapport with Mason Rudolph, should he return next season. Frankly, any top-level passer is going to throw to Pickens early and often. He's just that talented.

Beyond Pickens, Calvin Austin also started to emerge late in the 2023 regulat season. Losing Johnson would sting, yes, but if any team has proven they know how to draft wideouts late in the NFL Draft, it's Pittsburgh. The Steelers can trade away Johnson prior to his major payday and use the pick to replace him. It's straight out of the Kevin Colbert playbook, but Khan has access to that file.