49ers LB, Eagles staffer ejected for lawless sideline scuffle

We have some fitghtin' in Philly. The Eagles-49ers game got chippy in the third quarter.

Dre Greenlaw, Dom DiSandro, San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Dre Greenlaw, Dom DiSandro, San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are hosting the San Francisco 49ers on a rainy Sunday afternoon in what is perhaps the most anticipated football game of the season.

It was more or less all 49ers in the first half. Philadelphia started the game with a couple of long drives, but only managed a couple field goals. It was 14-6 Niners at halftime, before San Francisco grew their lead further, 21-6, with another touchdown early in the third quarter.

That placed the ball back in Philadelphia's hands. As the Eagles were driving down the field, tempers flared on the Eagles sideline. The Eagles' head of security, Dom DiSandro, can be seen pushing Niners LB Dre Greenlaw away from Philadelphia WR DeVonta Smith.

In retaliation, Greenlaw tossed a punch and connected (lightly) with DiSandro's face. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was right in the middle of the scuffle.

Here's a closeup of the "punch." Greenlaw was ejected from the game, while DiSandro was removed from the Eagles' sideline to a standing ovation from the hometown faithful.

There were several borderline fights as the next couple possessions unfolded. Philadelphia would end up scoring a touchdown via Brotherly Shove, while the Niners scored on the next drive courtesy of a magnificent 40-yard sprint from Deebo Samuel.

Eagles, 49ers ejected after third quarter sideline scuffle

As far as the game is concerned, the exits of Greenlaw and DiSandro is the only material fallout. The NFL could consider further punishments after the game, however. Greenlaw could be hit with a fine or a suspension, although the latter feels improbable. DiSandro was removed from the sideline as head of security, which is not normal. He's a staffer, not a coach or a player, so further punishment from the league feels less likely.

This is really what football is all about. There was extensive trash talk between the teams before the game. Nobody got hurt, but emotions are high. Nick Sirianni is one of the NFL's great motivators. He's willing to mix it up, and clearly DiSandro has that classic Philly attitude fans love.

Credit to the Niners for continuing to slam the gas pedal. It has been a dominant performance from San Francisco and the Eagles' frustration is quite apparent. We will see if stone-cold Jalen Hurts can lead another comeback, but time is running out.

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