5 best head coach candidates who didn't get a chance in this hiring cycle

The game of musical chairs has stopped, as these head-coaching candidates went home empty-handed. Here are some of the best NFL head-coaching candidates who did not get one of 32.

Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans
Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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1. Former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel is the only head-coaching candidate out there I really feel bad for. Unlike Aaron Glenn, Ben Johnson and Steve Wilks, he doesn't have a job to go back to. While Bill Belichick is old enough to reap those sweet AARP benefits, Vrabel needs to find something to do to pass the time before he turns 65. As it turns out, he was a damn good head coach for the Tennessee Titans for years, man.

My best guess is he will be an NFL defensive coordinator somewhere, or a football analyst across the league. He will be leading his own team in 2025. Whether that is in college or pro remains to be seen. He is the top candidate to replace Ryan Day at his alma mater should Ohio State want to make a change after next season. Day is under so much pressure, akin what Bill Parcells was in New England.

To me, only two teams could not hire him in this offseason cycle. That was his former employer in Nashville and the Atlanta Falcons because of his close ties to their former head coach Arthur Smith. Outside of Jim Harbaugh, there was not a better candidate to be had in this offseason cycle. The five franchises not named the Falcons, Titans and Los Angeles Chargers will regret passing on Vrabel.

Heck, if Brian Callahan stinks to high heaven, then maybe Amy Adams Strunk will regret firing him.

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