5 best Mecole Hardman replacements after outing the Chiefs for potential tampering

Mecole Hardman and the Kansas City Chiefs are in hot water. Here is how Brett Veach can replace the speedy wideout.

Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs
Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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1. Hollywood Brown, Arizona Cardinals

If the Chiefs want a speedster, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is right there. He enters free agency after a down year with the Arizona Cardinals, in which he compiled 51 catches for 574 yards across 14 starts. Brown is due for a smaller role and a more niche value, but the Chiefs can play to his strengths better than Baltimore or Arizona ever could.

We must remember the circumstances of Brown's rocky 2023 campaign, as Kyler Murray didn't return until the second half of the season. Brown spent a lot of time next to Josh Dobbs, thrust into a more expansive role than expected after the Cardinals dumped DeAndre Hopkins and leaned full-tilt into their rebuild.

Surrounded by more talent in the Chiefs offense, Brown would thrive. He is still only 26 years old, blessed with game-breaking speed that has led to some of the most enjoyable highlights of the last half-decade. Brown is undersized at 5-foot-9, but he regularly pulls off contested grabs and roasts defenses with sizzling open-field speed.

Brown would be widely celebrated in Kansas City, essentially offering a direct upgrade in the Hardman role. He has been around quality teams and effective QB play, but getting the chance to catch bombs from Patrick Mahomes is a singular opportunity. If the Chiefs want to upgrade their WR room with an infusion of raw talent, and if Brown wants to compete for a ring, this is the perfect union.

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