5 biggest winners of the NFL's salary cap inflation

These five teams were the biggest winners of the NFL's major salary cap inflation.

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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3) The Bears can add even more talent around their No. 1 pick

The Chicago Bears hit the jackpot. By acquiring Carolina's 2024 first-round pick last offseason, they now have the No. 1 overall pick. They allowed the Panthers to select Bryce Young with the No. 1 pick last season, trading the pick in return for Carolina's this year, but it's hard to imagine they'll pass on a generational QB prospect like Caleb Williams this time around.

The Bears will be in a spot every organization dreams of. They'll most likely have a generational quarterback prospect beginning a rookie contract with mounds of cap space to play around with and an already decent roster to start with. The Bears were a 7-win team this past season and that was with Justin Fields being nothing more than mediocre at the quarterback position.

The Bears were already among the league leaders in cap space and are now set to have over $82 million to work with according to Spotrac. That's good for fourth in the league, only behind the Commanders, Patriots, and Titans.

With this added cap space the Bears can add another elite wide receiver to pair with D.J. Moore and can also look to fortify their offensive line. There really is no limit as to what Chicago can do. They'll have an attractive situation for free agents to consider and tons of money to throw at them.