5 cheaper Vikings QB options after balking at Kirk Cousins demands

The Minnesota Vikings probably won't pay Kirk Cousins. Here are the alternatives.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Justin Fields is right there in the same division

Are the Chicago Bears going to trade Justin Fields within the same division? Maybe not. It's clear the Bears value Fields, otherwise he would already be out the door. Williams as the No. 1 pick in April's NFL Draft is a forgone conclusion, though. Unless the Bears trade back again, Fields' tenure in Chicago is done. It's a bittersweet truth for some, but it's the truth all the same.

Minnesota should absolutely place the call. Chicago needs to take the best offer available, even if it means seeing Fields twice per season for the next decade. There is every reason to believe Williams can surpass Fields. For all the enticing displays of athleticism, Fields does struggle to deliver advanced throws and he has floundered in the turnover department. The clock is ticking for Chicago, and especially for Matt Eberflus. It's time for the Bears to win games.

That should be music to the Vikings' ears. Fields is a deeply flawed player, but again, the modern NFL calls for dynamism at the QB position. Fields is a brilliant athlete. His ability to operate outside the pocket and stress defenses with his legs is invaluable. Even when the deep throws aren't connecting, Fields can shred defenses with explosive runs and physicality in the open field.

There was legitimate progress made last season, too. Fields has a ways to go, but the man is 24 years old. It often takes a few years for a QB to really find his stride. Fields would benefit from a change of scenery, especially with the dramatic upgrade in supporting cast he would receive with Minnesota. The Bears did not roster Justin Jefferson, folks. Fields' job would get a lot easier, and he would have an offensive head coach to aid his development.

This is as good a landing spot as any for the Ohio State product.

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