5 Chicago White Sox who won't be back in 2025 after Dylan Cease trade

The Chicago White Sox will continue to rebuild after the Dylan Cease trade which could result in these five players not being on their roster in 2025.

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2) Martin Maldonado won't be back with the White Sox in 2025

With the White Sox letting Yasmani Grandal walk in free agency, they needed a new catcher. Enter Martin Maldonado, a player who contributed in a big way to the Astros dynasty.

The 37-year-old might not do much of anything at the plate, but he's a terrific leader, is a player pitchers love to throw to, and is a solid defender even with regression there.

Maldonado is making $4 million this season and has a $4 million club option. While he could be a player that the White Sox want to keep around as a mentor of sorts, we have to ask ourselves if Maldonado, a player entering the twilight of his career, wants to finish his career playing for putrid White Sox teams.

Additionally, the White Sox have some young catchers approaching the majors. Korey Lee has already seen some MLB time and will likely see some this season as well. Edgar Quero, one of their top prospects, was acquired in the Lucas Giolito trade and is playing in the upper minors. He could be ready by 2025. It feels unlikely that the White Sox will have much of a need for Maldonado next season and that Maldonado would even want to be there if he has any say.