5 Chicago White Sox who won't be back in 2025 after Dylan Cease trade

The Chicago White Sox will continue to rebuild after the Dylan Cease trade which could result in these five players not being on their roster in 2025.

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1) The White Sox will trade Eloy Jimenez before the 2025 season

Eloy Jimenez was a player that Chris Getz said was receiving trade interest from around the league early this offseason. The White Sox did not trade him this offseason, but there's every reason to believe that they will before 2025.

Jimenez has had a complicated White Sox career. He's incredibly talented and showed that right away, hitting 31 home runs in his rookie season back in 2019 and finishing fourth in the AL Rookie of the Year balloting. Since then, Jimenez has struggled to stay healthy and has been inconsistent offensively as well.

This past season saw both sides of Jimenez as a hitter. He had two months with at least an .890 OPS including a 1.136 OPS month of May. He also had three months with a sub-.700 OPS. Overall, he ended his season with a pedestrian OPS+ of 104.

His frustrating streakiness offensively and horrific fielding makes Jimenez a bit of a polarizing trade candidate but there's a reason several teams wanted to acquire him early this offseason. When he's on and healthy, he can crush baseballs.

Jimenez isn't a player that the White Sox have to trade now as he has club options in each of the next two seasons worth $16.5 and $18.5 million respectively, but his value might never be higher again than it is right now. The White Sox won't be a contender regardless, so trading him now rather than playing it out and watching his value potentially diminish is the move. It might happen at the 2024 trade deadline, it might happen next offseason. It almost certainly will happen before 2025 Opening Day.