5 coaches Michigan should have hired over Sherrone Moore to replace Jim Harbaugh

Sherrone Moore passed his test as the Michigan interim head coach with flying colors last season.

Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines
Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages
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2. Chris Klieman is like Jim Harbaugh in that he has won everywhere

To me, this would have been only one of three justifiable hires the Wolverines could have made outside the Michigan family on such short notice. While Kansas' Lance Leipold would have been a smashingly good hire in the short and medium-term, he is pushing 60. The man really loves Kansas for some reason, so bless his heart. Another one who would have worked out well was Chris Klieman.

Kansas State won the Big 12 two years ago, which required upsetting then-undefeated TCU in the conference title bout. Over the last 35 years, K-State has been a program that can win conference championships and get to BCS/New Year's Six Bowls. Klieman took the baton perfectly from Bill Snyder upon his second retirement from coaching. He is why you have heard of North Dakota State.

Frankly, Klieman is just as good as Leipold or Kalen DeBoer, without necessarily the publicity. In a league where I think coaching will matter a ton next year or so, It would not shock me if K-State got a top-four seed as the new Big 12's champion to make the expanded playoff for the first time. Klieman is just like Jim Harbaugh in that he wins everywhere. He is the best head coach no one talks about.

If he were to have taken over at Michigan, I could have seen multiple championships in their future.