5 college football programs desperate enough to hire Jimbo Fisher

Maybe all Jimbo Fisher needed in the end was a change of scenery after the Texas A&M debacle?

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Aggies
Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Aggies / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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4. Michigan State Spartans' P5 job is getting worse with every opening

Although the Michigan State Spartans were the first Power Five team to have a vacancy in this coaching carousel cycle, it feels pretty toxic in East Lansing right now. Some Spartans fans are going big game hunting, hoping that Urban Meyer will leave the Big Noon Kickoff desk for a second time in an olympiad. Replacing Mel Tucker will be challenging, but Michigan State has the money to do this.

Fisher may like coaching football, but he most definitely loves money. If there is any program out there to pay a gross premium for the overrated head coach, it would be Michigan State. Having big boosters like Dan Gilbert and Mat Ishbia could be what it takes to write another big check to get someone like Fisher to East Lansing. He is not really a Big Ten guy, but Fisher is a business, man...

Truth be told, I don't know how Fisher would fare in a new-look Big Ten with Oregon, UCLA, USC and Washington coming over from the Pac-12 next season. That being said, I think he can provide a level of stability to the Michigan State program the Spartans are needing. Recruiting is a huge advantage he has over other candidates. It may be like Texas A&M all over again, but who doesn't love a reboot?

The fit in East Lansing feels clunky for Fisher, but even he found a way to make it work at Texas A&M.