5 free agents the Rangers must sign to win the 2024 World Series

The Texas Rangers have built a team capable of winning one World Series, but what about two? These free agents get help the team go back-to-back.

Texas Rangers Victory Parade
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The Rangers must sign Josh Hader

What better way to celebrate a World Series victory than to add one of the game's top closers to the roster? Hader is the top reliever on the market and could net a massive contract for teams looking for a good closer.

After spending the first six seasons of his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, Hader and the rest of the baseball world were shocked when the organization traded him to the Padres. Now he's in free agency and will, without a doubt, seek out a place to call home, along with a nice pay increase. The Rangers and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex could be just that for Hader.

Hader was 2-3 with 33 saves for the Padres in 61 games. He had a 1.28 ERA over 56.1 innings. He threw 85 strikeouts. It will be fun to see how Hader performs with a team that has good pitching, where he will close down the game. At times, Hader would enter a game where the situation would change from a close down to a situation where you are digging out from disaster. That can get frustrating for the team and pitcher. Hader will benefit from getting into a better situation for him.