5 free agents who will sign at MLB Winter Meetings and where they'll go

With free agent signings picking up and the MLB Winter Meetings not far away, here are five players who could find a new home very soon.

Former San Diego Padres relief pitcher Josh Hader
Former San Diego Padres relief pitcher Josh Hader / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
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Rhys Hoskins will sign with the San Diego Padres

If you were wondering if any of the signings weren’t going to be pitchers, we have good news for you here.

The fit for Rhys Hoskins in San Diego makes a lot of sense as the Padres will be looking to lower salary while also finding bats that can make a difference from the designated hitter spot. That will be occupied by Manny Machado early in the season as he makes his way back to 100 percent from offseason elbow surgery, but having Hoskins on the roster can give the Padres options at designated hitter and even first base if Jake Cronenworth opens the season by struggling as he did in 2023.

Hoskins can sign a short-term, prove-it deal with the Padres that could benefit both sides in 2024. It worked for Cody Bellinger with the Cubs in 2023, and Hoskins (like Bellinger) is represented by Scott Boras, who now has a blueprint to work with teams for players looking to rebound from injury (like Hoskins) or down seasons (like Bellinger).

Boras even said at the GM Meetings in Arizona that there was a chance Hoskins could sign a "pillow" contract (subscription required).

And speaking of Bellinger, you obviously notice he wasn’t a part of this list. Bellinger, Ohtani, Yamamoto and plenty of other moves are still to come this offseason, and those could be gifts that MLB fans unwrap as the holidays approach.