5 head coaches on the hot seat following tough results in Week 11

These five NFL head coaches could be in for a long December with no reason to believe that this year will be anything but the last that they will be leading their respective franchises. They are bad!
Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders
Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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1. Brandon Staley is a snake oil salesman holding a cheap owner hostage

We have finally arrived at the one who has got to go yesterday. Brandon Staley has been pushing more snake oil than Jimbo Fisher did at Texas A&M. He is a fraud, as he is the NFL's equivalent of P.T. Barnum. "A sucker is born every minute," and that sucker continues to be Dean Spanos for employing Staley as his head coach. The Los Angeles Chargers are 4-6 and just lost to the Green Bay Packers...

The Packers had no running game and still found a way to beat an infinitely better roster than theirs at home, 23-20. At this point in time, the best coach Justin Herbert has ever played for was Mario Cristobal in college, and even he had no idea how to use him while at Oregon. For the love of this man's talent, can we please get him a coach who actually knows what he is doing? This is malpractice.

Of course, the only thing standing in between Herbert getting a real NFL head coach is Spanos' penny-pinching ways. Until the Chargers get themselves a new head coach, they are not a serious football team. Frankly, they need somebody other than a total cheapskate owning the franchise for any of that to change. In the meantime, keep on being the greatest waste of massive talent, Bolts.

It may not come until the end of the season, but the book is out on Staley and it is a bad read, bruh.

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