5 Josh Allen trade destinations after Bills dump his favorite weapon and more

The Buffalo Bills trading away Stefon Diggs has me completely out on the team going forward.

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

And just like that, the Buffalo Bills' Super Bowl window has been slammed shut! To be fair, it was already closed. Too bad Bills Mafia didn't seem to know that. In the midst of sacrificing one of their own to the blessed open air pit in Orchard Park, general Brandon Beane felt like destroying something beautiful. Trading away wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans is punting on third down...

It doesn't matter if he was unhappy, or even what the Bills got in return for him, you just made a serious contender in the AFC even better. Outside of the two-time defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, you have to like the Texans' chances of getting to New Orleans next February. A winning team does not send an ascending team in-conference their second best player in a trade.

So what I am going to do today is put out there a handful of teams to trade Bills franchise quarterback Josh Allen to. He went to the perfect spot for him out of Wyoming six years ago, but so much has changed over the last few years. Buffalo will have another offensive coordinator. All the while, head coach Sean McDermott is one down year away from being told to pack his bags and get a new job.

For the sake of argument, here are five teams I think could make a compelling trade offer for Allen.

5. Dallas Cowboys could send Dak Prescott to Orchard Park in a deal

Dak Prescott for Josh Allen, straight up. Who says no? Well, I am sure Jerry Jones will inject himself in the middle of a potential trade between the Bills and the Dallas Cowboys for no reason at all because that is who he is and that is what he is about. While I don't think this trade makes either team better, it certainly moves the needle to see two top-eight quarterbacks trading places in one NFL offseason.

Should the Bills make a trade with the Cowboys to send Allen to Dallas in exchange for Prescott, what difference would it make honestly? It might give Dallas a few more years to figure out what to do with Allen, as well as afford Prescott an opportunity to sign an extension with the Bills after coming over. Unfortunately, they will still be teams with conference championship ceilings in a best-case scenario.

Allen to the Cowboys would sell a ton of merchandise, but it would be more empty-calorie nonsense.

4. New York Giants have Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen, but that is about it

The New York Giants are the team everybody and their brother would want to see Allen be traded over to. Besides the fact that Brian Daboll is the head coach and Joe Schoen is the general manager, why would you want to send anybody to the Giants? Allen may fit the clean-cut mold of New York, but he's a bucking bronco at heart. He wouldn't be the player he is today playing in a major media market.

Even if the Giants were to send Daniel Jones and the No. 6 overall pick to Orchard Park, New York would still be one of the worst teams in the NFC. While trading for Allen could extend Daboll and Schoen's shelf life in New York, it still doesn't change the fact that Giants ownership is a dysfunctional mess. Imagine trading for Daboll and Schoen's guy only to fire them a year later. That would be awful.

If the Giants had it more together right now, I would be in favor of this trade, but that team stinks.

3. Tennessee Titans are about a year away from being a year away

Keep an eye on the Tennessee Titans this year and next. I may have reservations about Amy Adams Strunk as an owner. She is her meddling father's daughter after all. However, I love the Brian Callahan hiring at head coach, and Ran Carthon has made some savvy moves to make this team better already as general manager. Plus, the Titans are my best bet to draft a star quarterback in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Mason Rudolph truthers be damned, Josh Allen is perfect for this team. Nashville may be a growing city, but it has more of the small town feel of a Buffalo than Dallas or New York could ever hope to be. You give the Bills the No. 7 and next year's first, and I think that would be the start of something interesting. If not, well, the Titans can just get ready to draft Carson Beck or Quinn Ewers next spring.

It may be a little pricey to trade Allen away in-conference, but the Titans aren't a serious threat today.

2. Washington Commanders could break the NFL Draft with this trade

You want to see the entire NFL world lose its damn mind, watch this. How about let's second Josh Allen to the nation's capital in exchange for the Washington Commanders' No. 2 overall pick? This would get Washington the franchise quarterback it needs, as well as Buffalo a real shot at revamping itself with its choice between Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy. This one kind of works!

Washington can give Buffalo the best available pick in the NFL Draft. The Commanders end up with arguably the best quarterback in the division overnight. Conversely, the Bills could set themselves up for success by drafting a high-quality immediate successor for Allen in Orchard Park. This move makes both franchises' future outlooks better. It also extends the runway for the Bills' regime, too.

The only downside is Washington is not hopelessly desperate to make this deal with the Bills.

1. Denver Broncos would no longer be hot garbage if they got Josh Allen

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that is what it make take for the Denver Broncos. This team absolutely stinks, but didn't we kind of say the same things about the Bills before Josh Allen turned the corner in 2019? Sean Payton didn't come out of "retirement" to coach hot garbage. By trading for Allen, it gives the Broncos a leg to stand on in the next iteration of the AFC West race.

It doesn't matter what it costs, just find a way to make this work. Allen played his college football in relatively nearby Laramie for the Wyoming Cowboys. Payton is a noted quarterback whisperer. This trade gives him more of a reason to stick around for the long run. Although George Paton should not be trusted under any circumstance, this trade could be a way to right the wrongs of Russell Wilson.

Denver's desperation could be the necessary impetus to get this bucking bronco onto the Broncos.

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