5 long-term Matt Eberflus replacements Bears should pair with top QB

Even if the Chicago Bears moved off head coach Matt Eberflus, this franchise needs a ton of work.
Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears
Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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4. Alex Van Pelt knows the climate well and can develop quarterbacks

There is a certain blue-collar element that Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt possesses that could conceivably resonate with the rabid Bears fans of the Windy City. An 11-year pro as a quarterback, Van Pelt has spent the last two decades as an offensive-minded coach. He has been at places like Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Cincinnati and now Cleveland, where he is thriving.

Van Pelt may have had a tough go of it during his two years in Cincinnati, but since linking up with Kevin Stefanski in Cleveland, the Browns have not been too shabby. There has been quarterbacking turmoil throughout, but outside of some Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson nonsense, this team is not that bad. I think what it shows is Van Pelt can still succeed in environments that are very chaotic.

Truth be told, that would be the Bears to a T. As far as him being the face of a franchise, I am not so sure about that. The Chicago media could eat him alive because that is what the Chicago media does. To me, the fact that Aaron Rodgers speaks so highly of him from their time together in Green Bay leads me to believe he can be the quarterback whisperer nobody ever really has been for the Bears.

This is a low-end type of hire for Chicago, but that may be as good as the Bears could get this winter.