5 more college coaches who could bolt for the NFL after Adam Schefter's warning

The NFL may be the way to go if you love scheme and are not all that interested in recruiting kids.

Chip Kelly, UCLA Bruins
Chip Kelly, UCLA Bruins / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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3. Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Ryan Day

It could go one of two ways for Ryan Day. Either he gets over the hump as the Ohio State Buckeyes head coach, or he will be back in the NFL as an assistant coach or something. Prior to coming to Columbus, he had been on Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers staffs. He was also on the same Urban Meyer staff that had Jeff Hafley, who just left Boston College for the NFL.

Day is one of the few college head coaches I think NFL owners would be interested in hiring. He empowers great assistant coaches around him. He is not afraid to recruit or develop talent. More importantly, he knows how to coach in pressure-packed situations. You have to be honest with yourself. Is there a more pressure-packed situation in the NFL right now than the one in Columbus?

Right now, the expectations for the 2024 Buckeyes are to contend for a national championship. They don't have to win the College Football Playoff, or even win the Big Ten. However, they need to be among the final four teams left with the likes of Georgia, Texas, Oregon and definitely not Michigan. The NFL could be beckoning for Day if he loses his fourth game in a row to the hated Wolverines.

Day could either be a head coach, offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach on an NFL team.