5 more college coaches who could bolt for the NFL after Adam Schefter's warning

The NFL may be the way to go if you love scheme and are not all that interested in recruiting kids.

Chip Kelly, UCLA Bruins
Chip Kelly, UCLA Bruins / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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1. Ohio State Buckeyes offensive coordinator Chip Kelly

The only person I can see leaving for the NFL after this college season more than Lincoln Riley to some underperforming team like the Dallas Cowboys would have to be Chip Kelly. After spending half a decade or so in relative obscurity coaching the UCLA Bruins, Kelly willingly abandoned his post as a Big Ten coach to go be an offensive coordinator in the same league on Ryan Day's Ohio State staff.

He may have been Day's offensive coordinator when he played at New Hampshire, but everybody knows a return to the NFL is what Kelly covets more than anything. Kelly hates recruiting, but is unwilling to change his gimmicky offense that does not translate for long at the NFL level. This combination has been lethal, to him, in his quest to getting back to the NFL. It may happen, though.

One team that I think would be a fantastic fit for him would be to leave Ohio State after one great year in Columbus to be the new offensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions after Ben Johnson leaves to lead his own team. I could see Kelly fitting in quite well working under Dan Campbell, the Ted Lasso who spent his downtime lifting weights as opposed to perfecting the art of making elite tea biscuits.

Kelly will probably be back in the NFL in some capacity within the next year or so, probably as an OC.

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