5 New York Yankees who could be traded before Opening Day

Acquiring Juan Soto isn't the only big move the Yankees want to make this offseason. That's why these five players could be on the trading block.

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It might be unfair to call the 2024 season a World Series title or bust campaign for the Yankees but that's the reality for GM Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone. Adding Juan Soto to the starting lineup has garnered most of the preseason headlines in the Bronx, but there's still significant roster work to be done before Opening Day.

Part of that work could still be spending big on another big-name free agent pitcher. Signing someone like Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery would push the organization further into the luxury tax than ever before. That's why a trade is a much more likely outcome for the Yankees if they're going to add another impact star.

Fans love to conceptualize trades where the Yankees bring in All-Stars for nothing but that's not how things work in reality. If New York is going to bring in big-time talent they'll need to offload valuable pieces. These five players could be leveraged to bring in talent the Yankees believe they can end their World Series drought.

5. Ben Rortvedt could be traded by the Yankees

Rortvedt was orginally brought in to help the defense behind the plate for Boone's club, but injuries have kept him in the minors more often than not during his tenure with the organization. The likelihood that Aaron Wells and Lou Trevino will likely split the catching duties this year makes Rortvedt a potentially expendable trade piece.

That doesn't mean the Yankees are going to give him away. Having a third-string catcher of his quality is important given the normal injury rate for the position. It's easy to envision a scenario where Cashman believes Carlos Narvaez can fill that role. If that happens, Rortvedt could be dealt in a small deal for an intriguing relief arm.