5 NHL players you won't believe are still under contract

The NHL has some long contracts, but injuries have some ending before they really get going. Here are some contracts still on the books that would blow your mind.

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4. Shea Weber
Cap Hit: $7.85 million
Contract Ends: 2026

There are going to be a few players on the Arizona Coyotes on this list. Let's start with the biggest name and the longest contract. Shea Weber was once the best defenseman in the league. He was a part of the biggest trades in the NHL, as the Nashville Predators and Montreal Canadiens switched superstars. The Canadiens got Weber while the Predators got Subban. Both were decent for a little while, but both saw their stars fall off a map.

The Predators eventually traded Subban to the New Jersey Devils, while the Canadiens traded Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights, and eventually, he got to the Arizona Coyotes. There is only one difference: Weber never played a second with the Yotes.

Weber had one great run left in him. Price and Weber dragged the Canadiens to the Final, with Weber leading the team in ice time. After the season, the Canadiens revealed that Weber was playing with major injuries. Those injuries would end his career. Was it worth it? He did get to play in the Final for the first and only time in his career.

Now, Weber is a part of the Coyotes organization until 2026. He won't do much, like many other Coyotes "legends."