5 reasons every fan should attend the NHL All-Star Game at least once in their life

From the game format to the top players and more, here's why attending the NHL All-Star Game at least once is a must for hockey fans.

2023 NHL All-Star - Arena Views
2023 NHL All-Star - Arena Views / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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2. The elite players

In any NHL game, there’s plenty of talent on both sides of the ice. Attending a pre-season game, regular season game, or Stanley Cup Playoffs game is exciting. What makes the All-Star Weekend a unique experience from a typical game is that all of that season’s best players are there. Seeing the game's elite players on the ice together is a next-level experience.

Every NHL team is represented by at least one player selected by the NHL. The remaining players invited are selected by a fan vote. In addition to playing in the game, some of the players also take part in the skills challenge. Players walk the red carpet, sign autographs, participate in interviews, and more. 

While the event is fun to watch on TV, nothing compares to a front-row seat to watching the top players. Fans attending in person have an up-close view of the action. It’s worth seeing the world’s top players all in one place in person at least once.